Best Rock Albums Of 2020

Best Rock Albums Of 2020

As we looked back on Nashville’s best albums and songs of the year so far, our list seemed like it would never end – just like 2020. . While much of 2020 has been consumed by COVID-19, political discourse and racial tension, we got respite from the chaos in the form of new music. Information about the geographic location of the . 2010 was an incredible year for new music. In fact, there’s a hefty chunk of 2010 albums on our best albums of the decade list. At the start of the 2010s, heavy-hitters like Kanye West, Robyn and .

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KISS frontman Gene Simmons controversially stated that “rock is dead,” and perhaps he may have been onto something. To wit, let’s look at what’s selling in the rock world. Billboard/MRC mid-year music . Best Kids Tablet 2020 During these complicated times, it’s important to hold space for expressions of our humanity. Live music as we knew it may be on hold, but Seattle artists haven’t stopped creating. These are some of .

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Luckily, the one thing there might be more of this year than bad news is good music. As always, it’s impossible to keep up with the constant stream of amazing new singles, EPs, albums, mix tapes, Nicholas O’Donnell Perrystown band The Scratch have released one of the albums of the year . Last year threw up a bumper vintage of albums from Dublin’s finest musicians, wit .

Best Rock Albums Of 2020 : Here’s our favorite boy band albums from the last three decades — and here’s hoping that the first great new boy band of the 2020s is figuring out their socially distanced dance moves as we speak. . So here we are again, reckoning with a pile of albums representing what has been a very strong first six months of music in 2020, despite the surrounding chaos. And I am recharged — the list is back . Best Pocket Camera 2020 The less we say about what kind of year 2020 has been so far, the better. Let’s leave it at: It’s sucked. Thankfully, some of our favorite artists have found it within themselves to write, record and .

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