Best Albums Of 2020 So Far

Best Albums Of 2020 So Far

In a dark year where people spent an inordinate amount of time at home, we gravitated towards albums from artists like Fiona Apple and Soccer Mommy that reflected our newfound isolation. There were . As we looked back on Nashville’s best albums and songs of the year so far, our list seemed like it would never end – just like 2020. . Like comets, Fiona albums only tend to come around about every seven years or so. And Fetch the Bolt Cutters, when it arrived this April, did feel like some kind of cosmic event: .

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New music by Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple and Jessie Ware has been a gift in an increasingly frustrating year. Here are the best albums (so far) of 2020. . Best Corporate Bonds 2020 The less we say about what kind of year 2020 has been so far, the better. Let’s leave it at: It’s sucked. Thankfully, some of our favorite artists have found it within themselves to write, record and .

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The best country albums of 2020 come from artists who set out to tell a great story. And then there’s one that’s just too much fun to ignore. I asked the staff at Metal Injection to contribute their five favorite albums of 2020 so far with brief words why they picked them. The staff (and their picks) have been sorted in alphabetical order. .

Best Albums Of 2020 So Far : So here we are again, reckoning with a pile of albums representing what has been a very strong first six months of music in 2020, despite the surrounding chaos. And I am recharged — the list is back . Purple Sneakers’ Best Albums of 2020 (So Far) We’re only half way through 2020, but already it is has been a transformative, anxious, tumultuous and challenging year. From a pandemic to global civil . Best Handheld Vacuum 2020 During these complicated times, it’s important to hold space for expressions of our humanity. Live music as we knew it may be on hold, but Seattle artists haven’t stopped creating. These are some of .

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